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Well, as they say, they call it a medical practice because DOCTORS DON'T HAVE A CLUE! I empathize totally with you and all other chronic pain sufferers because I have lived with fibro for 33 years and was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondilitis 3 years ago. Everything you talked about has happened to me also. I remember when the first doctor's appointment before my diagnosis I was told I had " housewife blues.". ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I was happily married with a 7 year old and a one year old. I just wanted to bitch slap that doctor...I left in tears. I can still "feel" the way that doctor made me feel after all these years. Everything you have said has happened to all of us and it still happens to me to this day. Now having 2 chronic diseases to live with on a daily basis, is sometimes more than I want to do! The medical community has got to "grow up" and bring these issues up front so they can be changed. I have come to the realization that going to the doctor is worse than not going and just trying to figure out things for myself works much better. They all think we just want more drugs, are lazy, and place us in some category that has NOTHING to do with our illnesses. My AS is inherited...do they think I wanted this? Do I want to not walk, exercise, live life to the fullest? Now, I am ranting! lol. But, it feels good and if this is what it takes to get doctors to listen up, maybe we should be doing more of it! Keep up the good work...:)

Jean Ann

Thanks for the solidarity, Sandy. It can be so frustrating! I just have to believe that somehow this will all work out. Otherwise, it's just too depressing.

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