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Pamela @RedWhiteandGrew

Good for you on coming clean--and for sharing what you've learned. It's cathartic, isn't it? And that wig is fantastic!

Wishing you well!

Charlotte Germane

Inspiring courage!


That was beautifully written my friend. Hair loss is not trivial.


Wow--just, wow!! You are inspiring!!

Jennie B

thank you so much for being honest and most of all inspiring and uplifting. you rock!


You've inspired me today. Thanks, Jenny.


What an amazing story, Jenny. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. You still look gorgeous. Take good care, and know I'm thinking of you. Teresa

Jenny Nybro Peterson

Thanks, everyone, for your kind words. Hair loss is traumatic, and can feel like you're getting kicked when you're already down. Everyone deals with it in their own way, and I am thankful that Jean Ann invited me to share my experience--I hope it helps someone else who is dealing with this, too.


I am so inspired by your strength and humor in the face of a scary diagnosis, Jenny. Thank you for sharing your story!

Jean Ann Van Krevelen

You guys are amazing for supporting Jenny! She is inspiring and strong and beautiful!

Ivette Soler

Oh Jenny! I'm so proud of how awesomely strong you are. And believe me, you are even MORE beautiful now, as if that is at all possible. My brightest thoughts and intense admiration are with you. And yes, no matter what - it's always about the hair; but I LOVE a sexy woman with a buzz cut!!!


Jenny, I've learned so much from you, while sharing the gift of your friendship during such a stressful time in your life. You have faced this thing with such grace and strength, while keeping it real. I wish you didn't have to deal with any of this AT ALL, but you have done it better than anyone I know. I've treasured our times together this year and love that we both kept that "divine appointment" that brought us together nearly three years ago. I love you!


Thank you for this - I can soooo relate. I have stage 3c ovarian cancer and it's been a hellish ride. I had 8 rounds of chemo and 2 surgeries in 7 months - with my chemo drugs being taxol and carboplatinum. Which means that I lost my hair also. It wasn't so much the vanity-aspect of losing my crazy wild and curly mane, it was the impact of looking in the mirror each day and thinking holy crap, I guess it's true that I'm really sick. At one point a friend told me about an organization that does henna tattoos on chemo patients' heads - "henna crowns", they call them - and I got one! And was subsequently in an msnbc.com article about them. Here's a link to my blog: http://ovariancancer3c.wordpress.com and here's the msnbc article http://todayhealth.today.com/_news/2012/05/24/11747097-after-chemo-hair-loss-henna-crowns-help-heal?lite

God, it sucks, it truly does. Hang in there. And thanks again for your post.

Jenny Nybro Peterson

Oh wow, Diane--that is INCREDIBLE! Now I'm a little sad I didn't do this while my head was completely bald! I have peach fuzz sprouting right now (about 1/8 to 1/4"). I did briefly consider getting a small head tattoo but never followed through on it. Best wishes to you, Diane--I know it's hard, and my thoughts are with you.

Jenny Nybro Peterson

And thank you, Kylee and Ivette and all you other wonderful women--your encouragement and support is just priceless to me.

Debra Lee Baldwin

Jenny, you are one tough lady, not only to have shared this, but also not to have burst into tears when I made such a big deal about how a blond ponytail is so YOU, when I saw you in Seattle in February. That must have been like listening to nails on a blackboard. ;+(

Anyway, I love that you took control and went super short all on your own, as a preemptive strike. And that you had your hair made into a wig. And especially that you saw this an opportunity to "interpret your beauty in a newer, fiercer way." Yes indeed, exactly that!

Rebecca Sweet

Jenny - you're such an inspiration. I'll never forget how you ROCKED your wig in Tucson fooling everyone! Your strength, honesty, humor, beauty (both inside and out) are just part of what makes you such an incredible woman and I'm lucky to call you my friend. XOXO


:::internet hugs::: when my MIL started to get back hair after the chemo, she was giddy like a little kid. She'd walk around and tell people to touch her head. :-)

Rachel Mathews

Wow Jenny - I'm so inspired by the way you've handled the whole thing. Love that Brett has supported you with matching buzz cut. You're a great role model for others and I'm so glad you're coming out the other side of this. Lots of love to you xx

Jenny Nybro Peterson

Once again--I want to really thank everyone for being so thoughtful to leave comments that are so uplifting. There are SO many women going through this, and while I really don't want to be in this particular club, I'm honored to share it with such courageous people.

Chris McLaughlin

I just left a message on your FB wall...I just think you're the epitome of strength, beauty, and grace.

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